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May 2, 2025

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The Annual Black Mental Health Summit held in Winston-Salem, NC is aimed to better understand the social determinants of mental health and specific psychological issues facing the black community through panel discussions, mental health experts, equitable resources from organizations within the Piedmont/Triad area and more. The goal is to destigmatize mental illness, increase access to care, and to improve wellness among the black community.

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Black Mental Health Summit

Run it Back


More than half of the nation’s Black and African American population lives in the South (56%)


However, just 39% of Black and African Americans receive mental health services compared to non-Hispanic Whites (52%)


Twenty-one percent of Black and African Americans report having a mental illness, compared to 23.9% of non-Hispanic Whites.


Roughly 10% of Black and African Americans are not covered by health insurance compared with about 6% of non-Hispanic White Americans.


Why This is

It’s time to shift focus to mental health in the Black community. Diminished access to mental health care, lack of diverse mental health professionals and cultural competency gaps are few ways systemic racism has affected the Black community. The Black Mental Health Summit is a gathering of regional practitioners, experts, and thought leaders who can prompt real change that benefits everyone in the Black community.

**Data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

Meet 2024 Speakers

Meet 2024 Panelists 


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The Black Mental Health Summit goal is not only to provide participants with valuable information, but also to provide equitable resources from
organizations within the Piedmont/Triad area.  If your interested in knowing more about 2025 Black Mental Health Summit Sponsorship levels, please fill out the form below.

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